I’m a full time internet marketer (hoping someday I can be a part time internet marketer and a full time traveler) since 2008, I live in Surabaya, Indonesia. I don’t like vegetables, a true meat eater. Believe in God, but haven’t made decision which religion to follow (if I had to choose, my first choice would be Buddhist), I believe in karma, cause and effect, all living creatures are responsible for their karma, their actions and the effects of their actions. I love music, you won’t see me without my earphones when I’m in front of my laptop (unless I’m in a meeting, of course). I can sleep 15 hours straight or stay awake 24 hours straight, not a fashion lover but a gadgets lover (some of my friends think being a woman and not love fashion is insane, so what?).

I want to improve my English skill in writing and speaking, that’s why starting in 2010, I wrote this blog in English. I’m sorry for misspelling words and grammatical errors, I’m learning here…but please do feel free to correct me, if it’s going to be a brutal comment, please contact me privately ;)

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Reader Comments

hati2 pakai earphone sering2. bisa menyebabkan pendengaran kurang!

hai yenny,
salam kenal ya…
aku lagi cari2 info belajar ttg saham
e.. dapat alamat n crita kamu..

boleh kan kenalan..
aku jg mau tuh belajar ttg saham spt yenny.


btw itu foto di pure uluwatu ya?

hello adi, met kenal yah … ternyata personal blog ini bisa ditemukan yah di google hehehe… boleh aja kenalan, banyak teman semakin bagus

hallo mbak yenny, lg blogwalking nie. wah ternyata carnivora ya… :D moga makin sukses aja mbak…

whooaaaa yen.. this is the greatest blog i have ever found. really really really well written :)