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I’m Back

It’s been awhile since I wrote for this blog. I stop writing simply because I’m too lazy … lol. Well, there are a lot of things happen since then, for example I got banned from Adsense so I have to venture another business, learn new things, reading a lot of stuff, testing, trial and error, […]

At The End of 2011

I only made 2 posts this year :), I’ve been so busy with new projects from learning new knowledge to leverage. A quick update, this year, I created new minisites like 10 in total which later banned by Google for unknown reasons (as always). However, I must admit that those minisites don’t really offer good […]

New Year 2011

Starting this year, I want more …. I want to be more … in everything and everyway I can. Wish me luck!

Working From Home Is Great! Well … Not Always …

Many of my friends envy me from having the luxury of not have to wake up in the morning and go to the office. I can go out and watch a movie anytime I want, or just spend the day hangout with some friends. Yes, working from home is great. There’s no boss around telling […]

100 Days Without You

Hi Bao, how are you sweet heart? I bet you are happy now, playing around with your friends in a beautiful place with a lots of greenies. It’s been 100 days without you here and I miss you every single day. I can smile and laugh now, I’m letting you go, because I know you […]