I’m Back

It’s been awhile since I wrote for this blog. I stop writing simply because I’m too lazy … lol. Well, there are a lot of things happen since then, for example I got banned from Adsense so I have to venture another business, learn new things, reading a lot of stuff, testing, trial and error, so many that sometimes I can feel my head is about to explode.

However, after awhile, I also realize that, I need to slow down and stop rushing as if I’m about to face my final exam tomorrow, because it simply doesn’t work.

My focus right now are in these 2 areas:
1. Affiliate Marketing (Paid and Free traffic)
Yes, even after got banned by Adsense and Google (10 niche sites, ouch), somehow I still love this industry. I won’t give up just yet, I will try to learn new things, test new projects, and I’ll be documenting everything on my blog here (yes, even when I fail … but I hope not). This is because I want everyone who reads this can learn a thing or two from my journey.

2. Forex
It’s a new toy for me and so far I love it. I focus my method to price action, so there’s no indicator or signal or EA, just pure the old price action technique. It works pretty nice so far, but I’ll break it down further in this blog as well. With Forex, I don’t depend on anyone but me to make money, but the most difficult part is to control my emotion. I’ve read Nial Fuller‘s blog a lot, he has shared great methods for free. You can choose to join his forum, so that you can communicate with other members or with Nial himself, but for beginners, you can watch free youtube video from Nial which practically enough to give you the idea what is price action method.

One thing for sure, I have to stay focus … when I analyze my Forex chart, it’s best if I don’t do that while writing/researching for my websites, trust me, it doesn’t work. I will get distracted and end up making wrong entry. Vice versa.

So, let’s see what I can write and contribute to everyone’s online journey through this blog.

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