Working From Home Is Great! Well … Not Always …

Many of my friends envy me from having the luxury of not have to wake up in the morning and go to the office. I can go out and watch a movie anytime I want, or just spend the day hangout with some friends. Yes, working from home is great. There’s no boss around telling you what to do, there’s no need to wear formal dress, I could just wear my pajama and tied my hair up, and many more advantages you could have when you’re free from 9-5 job. Well, to those of you who think that my grass is greener, you might also want to hear about the disadvantages of working from home.

Interruptions are something you can count on and will always be there for you. Being at home all day long, that means I’m available to mailman, phone calls (mostly not for me, there’s no answering machine here), guests (not mine), work related activities (also not mine). And I really really hate these interruptions, imagine when you are in the middle of expressing your ideas and suddenly a loud door knock makes you jump from your seat. Those ideas are suddenly gone, you just have to pick up what’s left and start all over again.

Never ending works. Yes, it is really tempting to keep monitoring things, even when you have decided to take a day off. I just can’t keep myself away from my laptop, checking emails, checking stats, checking comments, making sure all websites are live. Fortunately for me, I love my job, so, I’m eager to do all those stuff. I guess I’m addicted to the internet (making money online).

Sometimes, unfinished works can make me mess my regular sleeping schedule. Like I said above, I hate leaving things unfinished. So, instead of sleeping in my bed, I can stay awake all night long to make sure all those PHP codes work properly according to my needs, creating new website, or creating new design/logo. Then I spend all day long for sleeping, and stay awake at night for no particular reason.

People tend to pity on you when they know you work from home. Sometimes, they consider that working from home means not working, so you would have a lot of free time. They consider that you are available all the time and it’s not a big deal if they ask you to run some errands because they have to “work” all day. Working from home is not a career, but I do still work people, and there’s no limit on how much you want to earn if you know how to do all the hard works smart way (I’m still working on this smart way). I might not have a career, but I run my own business here.

Loneliness is another problem if you are not comfortable with spending time alone. Fortunately, I love spending time alone, enjoying my work, music, and a cup of vanilla latte. But, I do feel lonely at lunch hour, because usually this was the time when I hanged out with my colleagues at my old job.

So, yes, my field might look and feel greener, but remember I still have to water it ;)

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Reader Comments

You know what I think ? I think you should build a new company and be the CEO, because the amount of your work is somewhat similar to what a CEO should be doing.

That way, noone will pity or say anything that is greener than them about you anymore. :p

@Sin : a company with no employee? lol, my writers are from Philippines and India, we work together using emails/messenger. Others are freelance workers.

Btw, which part in my story that makes you think my amount of work is similar to a CEO? LOL, it’s nothing compared to a CEO. All I do is clicking here and there finding great news to blog.

with all the disadvantages, for me working at home still far more enjoyable ^.^